Thursday, May 2, 2019

4 Money Saving Tips for Shooting Sports Enthusiasts

If you are anything like us, you are always looking for a bargain and any way to save money on the hobbies you love. Here are 4 tips on saving money on guns and gear:

1) Shop around - as much as we would love to say "just buy from us!" we realize there are a lot of retailers out there that offer what we do. We do our best to price female centric items the same as men's - no pink tax here! - but that does not mean our prices always fall within your budget. Do some research and find the best value for what you are looking for.

2) Speaking of best value - a cheaper price does not always mean value. An item may be more expensive, but last 10 x longer than the cheaper item you are looking at. Do your homework and find items that provide lifetime warranties and have great product reviews. Ask your friends what brand they prefer and why. Find the best value for you that will save you money in the long run.

3) Bulk buy - One way to save money is to only buy what you need at the time. This is great, but sometimes buying in bulk is better. If you are an avid shooter, and you go to the shooting range every week, or multiple times a week, then bulk buying is probably going to save you $$ over time. If you see a particular type of ammo you need and it is on sale for a crazy low price, consider buying as much of it as you can.

4) Shop in one place - this one requires some thought, actually. What we mean by shop in one place is to look at all of the items you are wanting to buy. Sure, you can buy these at cheaper prices from multiple retailers, but if you have to pay shipping on each item you could be paying just as much, if not more, than if you purchase from one retailer. A lot of places have free shipping if you meet the purchasing threshold. i.e. Free shipping on orders over $99. You may pay more for one item, but less on three others and save on shipping. Overall, you have saved some dollars in your wallet.

We look forward to being your first choice when it comes to shooting sports retailers! 

Shoot On!
Diva Dawn