Wednesday, April 10, 2019

A Girl and A Gun National Conference and More

Personal Letter from Dawn:

I am on my way to A Girl and A Gun (AG & AG) National Conference this week! To be honest, when we started this adventure, we had no idea how much was already out there for female shooters. We knew of a few, but not all. We are proud to be a part of the industry that is welcoming women to the shooting sport and is dedicated to helping women develop and sharpen their skillset. I had been participating in AG & AG Facebook groups from afar. Once I decided to make this hobby of mine a priority, I researched AG & AG further and decided it was the one for me to start out with.

A Girl and A Gun is a ladies' only organization. Whether you are a pistol, rifle, or shotgun shooter (or all three), this organization is for you! From beginners to expert marksmen, everyone will find something useful and something to learn in a non-judgmental environment. I am new to this organization, and they have welcomed me with open arms! There are local chapters all over the United States. You should check out their website to learn more about them:

AG & AG National Conference is the organization's Event of the Year. Approximately 450 women will be attending this year - WOW!! That is a lot of women who enjoy the shooting sports so much, they want to participate in this awesome event. There are seminars taught by top notch instructors, sessions led by motivational speakers, vendors and sponsors on site, community, friendship, camaraderie and so many other things I can't list them all. I feel extremely fortunate to be able to attend. This will be my first year, and I hope to attend every year after this! The support leading up to the conference has been better than anything I have seen before. As a Project Manager, I am truly impressed with how AG & AG Leadership puts this massive event together, all while answering questions along the way from attendees. The system they have in place is awe-inspiring. I will post as many pictures as I can while I'm at conference. I cannot wait to learn more about this sport I love and meet new friends who share the same love for the sport!

There are other organizations for women shooters, too. AG & AG happens to be the one I feel most comfortable with. When choosing an organization to join, pick the one that feels right for you. This is important so that you will continue to love participating in the monthly meetings, quarterly matches, annual conferences and so on.

We opened on March 1st and, wow, has it been a whirlwind! I have garnered two certifications from the NRA, we received our FFL, and we are ramping up for Gun Shows, Range Days, home based parties (like Pampered Chef), and more. As always, thank you for your support as we find our way through this awesome adventure!

Shoot On!
Diva Dawn

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